Joy et sa nouvelle famille

Le 02.07.2020, Ela a écrit :

Everyone is fine and so preoccupied withJoy that we clearly forget about the rest of the world!
He is doing fantastic: he is very sweetheart, kind to all, playful and curious.
He is growing very fast – is well over 7kg now. The vet visits went well- no issues at all.
Every head on a street turns around and he gets a lot of praise for his charm.
Loves playing with other dogs, with his favourite toys and to … eat carrots!
Taking photos of him playing is hard – he just moves too fast:)
II attach some of most recent pictures and will send a few more by a separate e-mail.

I hope all is well your end too!

We will stay in touch.
Best regards,

Voilà, les bébés sont arrivés!

Le 30 septembre, Caresse nous a fait cadeau de 3 magnifiques garçons ,2 bleus et un bringé! Toute la famille va très bien!
A bientôt pour de nouvelles photos!

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