All our guests are looked after individually with great affection and attention. They sleep inside in spacious and comfortable boxes with beds and blankets, heated in the central day and night at 20 degrees. All these boxes have a direct exit to outdoor parks grass and shaded by trees and umbrellas.

Dogs can go out in their little garden when they want, and on top of that, they can regularly run and play together, by group that get along, in the big parks. For dogs accustomed to living outside all year long, some outdoor parks, with well-sheltered dog houses are also available.

As much as possible, we put them in harmonious pairs, adapted according to the age, the temperament and the size so that they are not bored, those which are sociable, can be in small group. Those who live in the same family, normally stay together. In this case, the differences in size can be considerable without causing problems.

During meals, all dogs are separated and eat individually. We give them different dry foods, for example: Josera, Purina, Ultima, with some cooked chicken or tin food.

Those who are difficult receive a meal à la carte, with a lot more chicken, even by hand, if necessary, at the beginning!

If the owner wants it, he can also bring the food that his dog eats at home as well as possible medication for ongoing treatment. In this case, we must be asked in advance and give our agreement (see condition of care for sick dog). Of course, no contagious animal can be brought.

In case of health problems, we immediately call a veterinarian.

In short, the entire team Of Liberty is caring for each of our residents, so they spend a happy holiday with us.

Most of those who come regularly love to come and make us a big fest when arriving! But come and see for yourself.

Blind trust is not enough for your companion's well-being.

We accept all breeds and sizes, but bitches in heat only outside school holidays or on special request
Of course, we do not take your dogs only for the holidays. Maybe you have other worries?

Your companion is too lonely, lacks exercise and contact or disturbs neighbour because:
- You work and do not have a garden
- You cannot run him for health reasons
- Your dog is not very obedient when free ...

So, offer him regularly happy days in the country where he will be able to run and play safely with his girl and boy friends!

  • Destemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirosis, Leptospirosis, and Kennel Cough. (Combined vaccine) as well as rabies.

All of these vaccines must be done every year. Rabies every 3 years in Switzerland.

Puppies must receive a booster of the combined vaccine 1 month after the first vaccination, rabies at 6 months.
We accept them 2 weeks after the booster, without rabies vaccine.
The certificate must absolutely be brought with the dog every time.

  • Small dogs (up to 15 kg): .............26 CHF
  • Medium dogs (up to 35 kilos): .......28 CHF
  • Large dogs (more than 35 kg): ......30 CHF

Facturation des journées :

arrivée à 10 h = tarif complet,

arrivée à 14 h 30 ou 17 h demi-tarif

départ à 10 h = demi-tarif

départ à 14 h 30 ou  17 h  = tarif complet

Abonnements prix uniques toutes races de 10 ou 20 jours, valables toute l’année, uniquement pour la journée. 

Il vous suffit un appel ou un mail pour nous prévenir de votre passage.

Simple, sans attente ni réservation!  

  •  Les jours de la semaines: …. 20chf /jour la.
  • Les dimanches ou jours fériés: … 30frs / jour

The cats spend their holidays all together, in freedom, in a heated chalet, with permanent access in a beautiful flowered and fenced garden. Inside, they lounge on sofas, armchairs and comfortable cushions. Outside, they lay in the sun or take shelter in the shade of kiwis and plum trees, climb trees, hide in the grass or eat it.
The young people have fun together, the shy ones or the old people retire to a quiet corner. Everyone finds their place and their account for a most pleasant stay.

Since the place is vast and the territory neutral, disputes do not exist or are limited to a few breaths. Like dogs, cats are cared for and monitored individually. They all get lots of hugs. Long-haired cats are brushed regularly.
In case of a health problem, they are immediately presented to a veterinarian, if possible, the one indicated by their owner.
The food is very varied and available at discretion day and night: All kinds of boxes and croquettes as well as cooked chicken and tuna.

We accept cats of all breeds and all ages, but must be sterilized or neutered.
Depending on the period, and on request, non-sterilized females can be accepted.
For their safety and identification, all cats must wear anti-flea and tick protection, as well as a clear identification possibility, for example: precise description of the color, photo, microchip

  • Typhus and Coryza with reminders every year.
  • Leukosis, either the vaccine every year, or a recent negative test.

Kittens are accepted two weeks after the first booster (given 2-4 weeks after the first vaccine).
The vaccination certificate must be brought. Every time.

Séjour low-cost à long terme (minimum 3 mois ou à vie)
Pour les personnes qu’entrent dans un Ems qui n’acceptaient pas les chats
– Pour les déménagent des chats de campagne en appartement.
– Ou toute autre nécessité de pension à long terme 400chf/mois.
– Vous pouvez toujours rendre visite à votre minet.

  • For 1 cat: ........................ CHF 18.- per day.
  • For 2 or more cats: .......... CHF 16.- per day and per cat. (*)
  • For long-term pensions: ........ We are happy to grant discounts and arrangements.

(*) Stay of at least one week

(**) More than a month outside of school holidays, for a large number of cats or for special problems.

Facturation des journées :

arrivée à 10 h = tarif complet,

arrivée à 14 h 30 ou 17 h demi-tarif

départ à 10 h = demi-tarif

départ à 14 h 30 ou  17 h  = tarif complet

Voilà, les bébés sont arrivés!

Le 30 septembre, Caresse nous a fait cadeau de 3 magnifiques garçons ,2 bleus et un bringé! Toute la famille va très bien!
A bientôt pour de nouvelles photos!

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Bonjour, pouvons-nous vous aider? 

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